Sunday, 19 August 2007

Chiropractic Report and X-ray

The scoliosis is congenital and appears to be a failure of formation, genetic aberration that prevents full ossification and results in a hemi vertebra type abnormality. This appears to occur in the lower one third of the left T2 vertebra and continues over the T3 and T4 and the upper one third of the T5 vertebra. The curve is convex to the left with the apex of the curve between T3 and T4 thus making a thoracic curve which is not compensatory. It is an adult presentation which is any curve presenting after skeletal maturity. There is a mild left cervico-thoracic rib hump. There is a +1 apical rotation of the pedicles, this is mild. Congenital scoliosis often presents with other boney abnormalities in your case the sternum which is described as pectus excavatum or more commonly known as funnel chest.

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